The Obligatory ATL RMX Post

January 10th, 2010 by Ultimate Cowboy

You gotta hand it to Adult Swim. First they brought us the Mouse & The Mask, an album by MF Doom and Dangermouse that was heavily influenced by Aqua Teen Hunger Force and other adult swim shows. And now they’ve dropped ATL RMX on us, a free album featuring southern hip-hop tracks remixed by electro artists. Young Jeezy? Check. Young Dro? Check. Two (count ‘em) Li’l Jon tracks on the mix? Check.

Lil Jon feat. Kee - Give It All You Got (Drums of Death Remix)

Young Jeezy - I Got This (El-P Remix)

OJ Da Juiceman feat. Gucci Man - Good Night (HEALTH Remix)

Grab all the ATL RMX tracks here.

House Party In Space

December 9th, 2009 by Ultimate Cowboy

I’m about 500 pages into the first book, The Reality Dysfunction, of Peter F. Hamilton’s “The Night’s Dawn Trilogy” and so far I’m loving it.

Part of the reason I like it is because some of the main characters, the “Edenists” are similar to the post-human Culture of Iain Banks’ books. One of the key differences is that instead of having their main technologies be based on computers, the Edenists grow their sentient starships and habitats out of a substance called “bitek” (that I can only assume is short for “bio-technology”). This gives both their habitats and ships personality and sentience, with the Edenists connected to them via a telepathic affinity bond.

Like a lot of the sci-fi I’ve been reading lately, its full of huge ideas and takes place on an epic scale. Reading it, I feel the same way that I do when I look at that picture of the astronaut floating above the earth.

I added the tracks from the XX below because they definitely have a spacey-feel. If you listen closely to the lyrics of “Shelter,” it almost sounds like they were written about the Edenists and their living technology. The original version of this track is pretty good, but I really like the the rework that Death to the Throne gives it.

The XX - Shelter (Death to the Throne Remix)

The XX - Basic Space (The Astronomer Remix)

Joachim Garraud - Back From Space (Frederico Fanchi Remix) (via the always-classy Palms Out)

Le Le, La La and Disco Monsters: Tales From The Inbox

December 8th, 2009 by Ultimate Cowboy


One of the reasons I like writing Nineteen Ninety Never is because I get a ton of wicked music emailed to me everyday. I wish I had time to do a write up on all of it, but I’m just too busy.

Here are some good ones that I’ve received recently:

Le Le - Disco Monster

Le Le - Disco Monster (Seymor Bits Remix)

(I’ve been a big fan of Le Le ever since their video for the track Breakfast).

LMFAO - LA LA LA (Hyper Crush Remix)

I know Halloween was a few weeks ago, but c’mon! Nothing says “Disco Monster” like Vampirella.

Anyways…thanks for reading 199X! If you’ve got any music for me, send the mp3 to [email protected]!

Vampiric Insomnia

December 6th, 2009 by Ultimate Cowboy

Vampires are definitely hot right now,  I’ve always thought they were cool and I can’t believe it took me this long to write a vampire-themed post.

The first time I heard TiMO MAAS’ track ‘Help Me,’ I totally loved the haunting vocals. Little did I know that they were from Kellis, who also went on to do backing vocals on my favorite Andrew 3000 track, ‘Dracula’s Wedding.’

As cool as it being a vampire would be, the sleepless nights would just kill me. I mean, sure you’d be out sneaking around and sucking blood but after a while of just being up in the middle of the night you’d be bored.

TiMO MAAS - Help Me (feat. Kellis)

Andre 3000 - Dracula’s Wedding (feat. Kellis)

Blänk - 3 am

Harris Robotis - Up All Night

Harris Robotis - Up All Night (Knightlife Remix)

Image courtesy of the always-class Blonde zombies.

Life In Lotus Land VI: Songs In The Key Of Grey

November 19th, 2009 by Ultimate Cowboy


Sean Yee writes an awesome little blog called Key Of Grey, and its all about audio production.

Anyways, Sean was good enough to hook me up with a track he produced called Grandfather Clock featuring a couple of friends of his. Part of the track is in Japanese, and he’s done a cool write-up of how he actually put it together.

Sean Yee - Grandfather Clock (f. Yoshi and Cynthia)

The image above is from Sean’s other website, where you can read all about his recent travels to Japan.

Psycho Mantis Doesn’t Need A Hook

November 19th, 2009 by Ultimate Cowboy

I’d say that half of the music I like is pure, decadent electro that doesn’t really require much thought. The other half is music that tells a story, and that’s why I like this track from Oddioblender. Give it a listen and let the story play out.

Oddioblender - Psychics Don’t Need Hooks

After listening to it, I totally started remember Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid. Remember how he read your memory card, and the only way to beat him was to unplug your controller, and plug it into the other port? Truly a memorable moment, and definitely some fourth-wall breaking shiznit right there.

You know who else doesn’t need a hook? Jay-z, that’s who.

Jay-z - No Hook (Team Teamwork Meeting the Owl Remix) (from their nerdtastic Ocarina of Rhyme album)

Life in Lotus Land V: Nampa Men And Hustlers

November 11th, 2009 by Ultimate Cowboy

Man, nothing says “hustler” like spending the entire day hanging out at the train station wearing a white suit and talking to hot chicks.

And that’s all these guys in the photo above ever did. I used to see them all the time at my local train station in Japan, and the funny thing is that they weren’t the only ones like that. Pretty much everywhere you went, there were guys like them. Apparently, they are called “Nampa men,” with nampa being the Japanese word for hustler.

I don’t know if they drove a van like in that other picture, but it would be awesome if they did.

Anyways, here’s my salute to hustlers:

Rick Ross - Hustlin’ (DiscoVillains Remix)

MC Plus+ - Still Hustlin’

Jay-z - Can’t Knock The Hustle (Borracho! Remix)

Clipse - I’m a Hustla

Pharrell - Show You To Hustle

Neon Dion Will Make Your Head Roll

November 9th, 2009 by Ultimate Cowboy

Did you watch that video of “Neon” Dion Agius? The whole thing is super slick, but when he lands that big 360 at around 3:18 that’s when you know he’s serious.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (Digiraatii Dance Til You’re Dead Remix)

Dion Agius isn’t a musician but he’s on MySpace (and hey, it says he’s from Currumbin! I learned to surf at the alley).

So are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Digiraatii. (Yeah, I checked: they actually spell it with two As and four Is).

Vid via Superstoker.

They Know The Meaning Of Luxury

November 7th, 2009 by Ultimate Cowboy

I’ve had a few Tigersapien tracks kicking around in my iTunes, but I didn’t really give them much thought until I heard ‘Luxury’ on the EatThisCity blog a few weeks ago. If their tour is anywhere near as luxurious as their promo image, they’re living a lifestyle I’m envious of. Their track ‘God Knows’ also deserves posting as well for some truly insightful lyrics (and a decent remix by Kolt13).

Tigersapien - Luxury

Tigersapien - God Knows (Kolt13 Remix)

“Decadent electro” indeed, as one of Tigersapien’s fans put it.

Every Frame A Photo

November 5th, 2009 by Ultimate Cowboy

I know that I normally include a photo with each one of my posts here, but in this case I’m making an exception. The reason I’m making an exception is because (as Claudio who first showed me this video pointed out), every frame looks like a photo.

Watch the whole thing - right through to the credits.

Hecq vs Exillion - Spheres of Fury

I wish I knew more about the track, but the most I can find is Hecq’s MySpace.