Le Le, La La and Disco Monsters: Tales From The Inbox


One of the reasons I like writing Nineteen Ninety Never is because I get a ton of wicked music emailed to me everyday. I wish I had time to do a write up on all of it, but I’m just too busy.

Here are some good ones that I’ve received recently:

Le Le - Disco Monster

Le Le - Disco Monster (Seymor Bits Remix)

(I’ve been a big fan of Le Le ever since their video for the track Breakfast).

LMFAO - LA LA LA (Hyper Crush Remix)

I know Halloween was a few weeks ago, but c’mon! Nothing says “Disco Monster” like Vampirella.

Anyways…thanks for reading 199X! If you’ve got any music for me, send the mp3 to [email protected]!

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4 Responses to “Le Le, La La and Disco Monsters: Tales From The Inbox”

  1. Evan says:

    What ever happened to hypercrush? I always thought they should be doing remixes. Their originals are like electro pop crack but the production value was always so high I was disappointed they didnt take themselves more seriously. I really like this remix though.

  2. David Hitt says:

    My first time on this blog, and I have to say, very cool. Very great music pics

    David Hitt
    Song Placements

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