Can You Hear The Girls Can Hear Us?


I’ve been a big fan of The Girls Can Hear Us ever since Audioporn mentioned that they sound like another of my favorite artists, Scotty Dynamo.

The Girls Can Hears Us! (conveniently shorted as TGCHU) have the sort of self-aware hilarity that I like in my electropop-rap, and the catchy beats also make for pretty good gym music.

Now, just in time for summer, TGCHU are going to drop their debut album and all of the songs sound pretty good. Even better is that the boys are fans of giving some of their tracks away for free, and hooked me up with a couple for posting here.

The Girls Can Hears Us - Every Day

The Girls Can Hear Us - All I Know

Silver Medallion - Slave (The Girls Can Hears Us Remix)

To stay posted on when their album comes out, hit up Bide your time until then with a couple of other TGCHU tracks I’ve posted here and here.

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