Monarchy Is Pure And Golden

Monarchy’s Black the Color of My Heart is probably one of the most beautiful songs that I’ve heard in the past while.

The lyrics are of the epic variety, but can still evoke a ton of feeling, and that drum sounds like a heartbeat throughout the song. Its the kind of stuff you can read sci-fi to on a cold day, dance to as you smile at your girl in the club or catch yourself trying to sing along to as you walk down the street.

They’ve definitely got a sound that’s like the best of The Golden Filter and Empire of the Sun: spacey and futuristic, but with enough warmth to remind you that you’re still human.

Monarchy - Black the Color of My Heart

Monarchy - Gold in the Fire

Monarchy - Gold in the Fire (Screendeath Remix)

The Golden Filter - Hide Me (Clock Opera Remix)

I also posted a remix Monarchy did of Ellie Goulding a little while ago.

I don’t have a lot more information Monarchy, but The Golden Filter’s new album is available for order, and if you buy the CD or vinyl you have a chance of getting a personalized Polaroid photo from the band.

Image via Sci-Fi-O-Rama

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