Not Enough Vampires


I used to be really into designing t-shirts. I’d spend a morning sketching the design then (lacking a scanner), I’d take a picture with a digital camera and edit the image in photo shop. Next, I’d print it out on thick paper, cut that into a stencil and paint it onto shirts with a roller brush. It was a pretty labor intensive process, and some of those designs never actually made it into shirt form.

Fortunately, my girl got one actually printed on a shirt for me after snagging the design off of an earlier post I wrote (that’s her sexy ass modeling it above).

Expect more t-shirt designs, both new and from the archives here soon on 199X.

In the meantime, some bloody good tracks:

Jinder - Youth Blood (Bubblegum Sci-Fi Remix) (via GottaDanceDirty)

DRLKT Freddie - Blood

Sharam Jey - In My Blood (Jaimie Fanatic Mix) (via Technocolorkids)

Miike Snow - Animal (Fake Blood Remix)

3 Responses to “Not Enough Vampires”

  1. Chris says:

    You forgot to design her a pair of pants.

  2. custom print t shirt says:

    I loved the writing of the tshirt that “too much blood not enough vampires ” just a question did you think this by yourself and design it or you just design it ???

  3. Ultimate Cowboy says:

    I did both.

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