The Sun Never Sets On The Roman Empire

Like that wicked gun shirt I recently blogged about, I also picked up this Triumvir “Rome Never Fell” shirt at Capsule up in Toronto’s glamorous Yorkville region.  Its black and white, and features a statue of Caesar giving the Trudeau-salute. It also fits perfectly.

To celebrate how much I like wearing it, here are some Rome-themed tracks for you.

The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)

AutoErotique - Gladiator (Steve Aoki and DJ AM Mix)

AutoErotique - Gladiator

Violca (MANSION) - Empire

And while we’re on the topic, let’s reminisce about the time I went as Caesar for Halloween. I was probably inspired slightly by  Robert Silverberg’s Roma Eterna, a fictional story of what the world would have looked like if the Roman Empire had never fallen.

Thanks to our T-dot brethren SalaciousSound for the Violca track. They’ve got another one, and some more information on their post about Violca.

4 Responses to “The Sun Never Sets On The Roman Empire”

  1. warrick says:

    Love this track heaps…thanks. Pity I cannot get it in New Zealand. would give my left arm (almost heh!) for a copy of it!!
    Cheers for posting!

  2. Bobby Radio Magnetic says:

    If you’re into The Streets, check him out at The Edge festival in Edinburgh. You can listen to a preview of the artists performing here:



  3. Regnsky says:

    The Nero-remix of Streets is so f**king incredible nice.

  4. jo says:

    Thanks for the choons, great blog.

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