Ninjas Need Lovin’ Too

Two things that I definitely think are awesome are ninjas and hot blondes - and that’s why this picture of a hot blonde showing that ninja some love is so awesome.

This rework of the Robin S. house track “Show Me Love” is also pretty awesome. Its by the good half of NONEWYORK, a fella that goes by the name of Something Wrong. They’ve got also got an EP out on beat port

Robin S. - Show Me Love (Something Wrong Mad Love Remix)

More awesome pictures like the one above can be found at Blonde Zombies.

We’ve blogged NONEWYORK before here and here.

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  1. alibaba says:

    This ain’t no ninja baby, it’s the italian 60’s comics hero DIABOLIK (the blonde is his wife/accessory…) - they even made a movie sometime in the 90’s I think….
    great stuff on your blog!

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