Bukavu Memories

I was going through photos that I’d been tagged in on Facebook the other day (you know, to de-tag any controversial ones) when I came across this classic one in the album of some guy named Scott Ramsay.

I don’t know who he is because I can’t access his profile, but I’m glad someone tagged me in this photo.

It is from a charity event called Bukavu that was raising money for some sort of African-related cause. The entire event was safari-themed. I was never clear on the exact details, but I knew that my $75 ticket entitled me to open-bar privileges and a swag bag.

It was a good night - Tzero and I drank Amarula until someone puked all over the inside of the bar. (It wasn’t me)

Anyways, check out this remix of a Rockland track by NONEWYORK (you can listen to the original over at The Docking Station)

Rockland - You Can’t Stop Californi Yee (NONEWYORK Remix)

They’ve got some other good tracks on their Myspace - give ‘em a listen.

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  1. nonewyork says:

    thanks for the post man!!!
    you should check out my solo remix of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance
    thanksss we’ll rep this

  2. The Lemur says:

    Thanks for your consideration and for showing appreciation! But now that I’m on the edge of starting writing for several blogs, dropping guest-posts at 199x seems rather pointless and unfair to you too. Unless you want my recurring featuring???

  3. Nineteen Ninety Never » Blog Archive » Ninjas Need Lovin’ Too says:

    [...] blogged NONEWYORK before here and [...]

  4. Chante Hoiseth says:

    I don’t like beyonce because she always does bad things , altough i like her voice

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