Rock Stars and Paparazzi


You just have to listen to this absolute banger, straight outta the ghettos of Switzerland, from a group of guys calling themselves Subdelux.

Subdelux - Paparazzi (the video for it isn’t too bad either)

Also, just because 199x loves the Disco Villains right now, here’s their little treatment of N*E*R*D’s Rock Star. I thought it went well with the Subdelux track. You know, thematically.

N*E*R*D - Rock Star (Disco Villains)

Subdelux on MySpace

Discovillains on MySpace

2 Responses to “Rock Stars and Paparazzi”

  1. DangerBabe says:

    i really like lime green. and most things with the word disco, including above track. its like solid molly be good, you know? anyway. keep it up and check me out. xoxo klv

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