Life in Lotus Land III: Takako

When I was living in Japan, I somehow came across this songstress named Takako Minekawa, and I especially like her track called Cloud Forest (and remember once hearing a really good remix  of it by, I think, Kid Koala - if you’ve got it, let me know).

Takako Minekawa - Black Forest

Enjoy it, then befriend her on MySpace and know that hers is the voice that you hear saying ‘Playstation’ at the end of the all the commercials for that system. How’s that for trivia?

More from Japan on 199X here.

2 Responses to “Life in Lotus Land III: Takako”

  1. M du Snob says:

    Thanks for sharing that track by Takako Minekawa. The remix was by Kid Loco. I should have it somewhere… but where…?!?

  2. KeyOfGrey says:

    Don’t know if you know this, but she’s married to Cornelius. Btw..your blog is awesome. I just got back from Japan a month ago, and I already miss it!


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