Let’s Go In For The Kill

I’ve never been a huge fan of La Roux, but someone sent me this track a few weeks ago and its been keeping me entertained. I just love the way you think its really going to drop just before the 2 minute mark, but then it goes all wobbly again.

La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream’s Lets Get Ravey Remix)

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On a lighter note, does anyone think La Roux looks like Fry from Futurama?

(Image via Brandon Sek via Ffffound)

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21 Responses to “Let’s Go In For The Kill”

  1. Tenzer says:

    You’re not the only one :)

  2. Leland says:

    How on earth did you just hear this? This is literally one of the most (over) played tracks of 09, and has been for almost a year… Very strange for a blog to be so out of touch.

  3. Mel F says:

    yeah, i agree. def a red flag for a blogger to not have heard this song by now…

  4. Ubbs says:


  5. katokalen says:

    you like brenden fraser in blast from the past crawlin out of the bomb shelter - wtf manG. You won’t even get to bang alicia.

  6. Duncan says:

    fuck off ubbs.

  7. Henry Baum says:

    In your defense, I haven’t heard this either. Who am I? Nobody, but if this was the most overplayed track of 09, I don’t feel too bad for not paying attention.

  8. 199X says:

    Sorry I didn’t jump on the La Roux bandwagon when every one else did…

    I write this blog to post tracks I like, not impress people on the internet.

  9. Ubbs says:

    but tracks you like may impress people… then what?

  10. noGood says:

    It’s a great remix, recent or otherwise. Keep posting, don’t stress the hipsters douche bags, no one else does.

  11. Lotus says:

    The all knowing muscial egos in here are killing me…… Please forgive the late gift of discovery for those who haven’t been so mainstream and more underground diving for the gems you will soon covet and blog about the discovery we so live for in our lives to bring the masses and never expect nor want credit or validation…, covet the moments another embraces later something they may have missed, at least their searching for the melodies that move them and not what is merely mainstream…. Isn’t that the point… Nurture the discoveries and never find ego in music or place time in a language that is timeless, labels and categories on the only sacred conduit of soul, connection and healing we possess in this world…. Once you begin to define, labelize and categorize you may lose your navigation all together. Settle in the timelessness of being and the sacred timeless sounds which move us all differently at different times…. Celebrate musical discovery and remember they may have heard in in ‘09 but it had yet to speak to their soul…. GEESH!!! Love love and Namaste to all….. I love you all soooo much…. Find your beat, that is only yours, keep digging for those gems that heal your soul and hold onto the sacred power of every piece of musical art proudly if it speaks to you. No piece of music holds a time or an expiration date. Always their to find you, new and old…. Remember the sacred language of what music really is, especially now and encourage the gift it truly is and nurture and encourage that in everyone and everything…… Let your soul move connect and move always freely……

  12. Emmett Luisi says:

    Glad i discovered this blog.I added “Nineteen Ninety Never » Blog Archive » Let’s Go In For The Kill” to my bookmark!

  13. Jerrell Shingleur says:

    Amazing site

  14. \fonttbl\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Helvetica; says:

    Cool post. Keep up the fantastic work!

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