In Fett We Trust


Courtesy of Suckadelic comes this wonderful piece of religious iconography.

I used to love Star Wars, and Boba Fett in particular. In fact, my 11-year-old self even had a letter published in Star Wars Insider magazine letting the world know how cool Fett was. He had at all: cool helmet, jet-pack, wrist-gun, mystery. He might not have gotten a lot of chicks, but that thought didn’t really cross my mind back then.

In the face of today’s Master Chiefs, Dark Knights and assorted other Iron Men, he seems a bit outgunned and kinda lame. But back in the day, he was the MAN.

If you like Star Wars, be sure and hook it up with Band of The Lost Star Wars mixtape. You haven’t really gotten down with the Dark Side until you’ve heard Vader beatboxing through his respirator.

Band of The Lost - Sampler

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Buy the Band of the Lost Episode 7.8.9 Mix-tape

And check out more Dark Side action (in French!) on 199X.

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  1. Grenadeh says:

    Boba Fett would still kick everyones ass. Although in them ovies he was a pansy, especially when you see how flimsy some of his mandalorian armor was, especially the jetpacks. But he still has a jetpack. Batman can’t say the same, I guess iron man can though.

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