Jean-Paul Belmondo Is Cooler Than You

I just watched Pierrot Le Fou again, and I’m pretty sure that at his peak, Jean-Paul Belmondo was the coolest guy in the world.

The opening scene of him reading French art theory in the bathtub of while smoking a cigarette makes me want to do all three. The fact that he follows this up by going to a party, leaving his wife there and coming home to go on a surreal, violent trip with the babysitter whom he mysteriously knows from a previous life only makes him that much cooler.

Alex Gopher is also French, and is probably paying homage to his countryman by making a track with the same name.

Alex Gopher - Belmondo

And Thievery Corporation? They’ve got that French-cool going for them as well - I’m sure it is the kind of thing that a Belmondo character could have listened to while reading about art theory in the bathtub or gun running in Algeria.

Thievery Corporation - Le Monde

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  2. Dusty Semidey says:

    Yep, although I adore her to smithereens I will always feel dreadfully sad that she went a little crazy a while back.

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