Expert Traveler

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

On my way home from a little holiday jaunt over to the valley isle, airport security directed me away from the lineup of American cattle and towards the queue for Expert Travelers.

Finally - some recognition for the amount of time that I’ve spent at airports.

They still made me take off my shoes, and I was subject to additional screening because I forgot to take an American nickel out of my pocket.

Here are some airplane-related tracks that you can cruise the skies to.

Daft Punk -Voyager

Louie Vega & Jay ‘Sinister’ - Diamond Life (I just love those Hed Kandi cats)

Coyote - Too Hard (Aeroplane Remix) (snagged off of Palms Out)

Valley Isle Vagabond

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

When I was travelling in Thailand, I bought a bunch of bootleg CDs to l isten to. Two of those, Beach House 1 and Beach House 2 have become staples and always remind me of tropical good times. Yeah, they’re Hed Kandi mixes and kinda cheeseball but I know you love that shit. I just know you do.

Fac 15 - Blue Skies

Latin Hustler - Get Away