Canadian Hip Hop Is About To E.X.P.L.O.D.E

Do you remember when the Sci-Fi channel used to show anime every Friday night? I do…and I especially remember being super-creeped out by the movie Akira.

I mean, all the posters make it look like it’ll be classic cyberpunk: bad-ass bikes, tough Tokyo gang kids, that sort of thing. Then bizarro anime hell breaks loose and the movie just gets weird.

Anyways, Dane Jah ras is a  Canadian poet/freestylist and he has put together a concept album based on Akira. From Dane’s blog:

“Each track features at least one sample from the film. Samples used include Japanese dialogue, the re-done English dialogue and segments from “The Akira Suite” (The film’s score). The mixtape was produced and recorded by myself. The concept, mix and master are from KnowSomething’s DJ D-Mass.”

Dane Jah Ras - A God Appears

You can listen to the rest of the album and read more about it on Dane Jah Ras’ blog.

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