The Disco Blastwave

A year or so ago I found a web comic called Gone With The Blastwave. It was about a group of soldiers wandering around a post-apocalyptic city, trying to find the other army and trying to find their way out. It was a Mad’s Spy Vs. Spy crossed with Platoon and it was amazing. Unfortunately, the author seems to have discontinued it.

If you still want to read the darkly comic tale of these masked troops wandering around a ruined city, you can buy the first volume on Amazon (or you can find some of the images on Google)

Speaking of ruins and the future, here is great Tommie Sunshine track and a bangin’ Tiga track, both remixed by the Disco Villains:

Tommie Sunshine - Dance Among The Ruins (Disco Villains Remix)

Tiga - Mind Dimension (Disco Villains Remix)

I love the Disco Villains and I’m glad to see that they are back.

They are @DiscoVillains on Twitter, or  you can even buy some of their stuff on iTunes

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  1. tony/edit says:

    yo……. thnx man its good to be back ….. we are gonna have some new stuff out soon …..
    keep it real …

    The Disco Villains

  2. are vampires real says:

    Just wanted to post a thanks for taking your time to write this article. It was not what I were originally searching for but it helped kill some time on a boring work day.

  3. vampires are they real says:

    Wonderful piece it wasn’t what I were originally searching for but it was a great read.

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