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Golden Fox

Every thing that the The Golden Filter touches is, well, solid gold. They seem to be pretty mysterious, shying away from sharing much about themselves. As they said in an interview on KillahBeez, “The origins of the golden filter lie somewhere in the cosmic seas of darkness and desperation… and the way in which the tides rise above that.”

The Golden Filter - Solid Gold

The Golden Filter - Solid Gold (Clouded Vision Remix)

The Golden Filter - Hide Me

The Golden Filter - Favorite Things

Little Boots - New In Town (The Golden Filter Remix)

Polly Scattergood - Please Don’t Touch (The Golden Filter dub)

I previously blogged the beautiful music that is The Golden Filter’s Empire of the Sun remix, and I’ve also professed my love for Little Boots before.

You can try catching The Golden Filter Myspace, Tumblr, Facebook and even their own website.

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  1. anny says:

    Hey there

    If you’re into Little Boots

    Check out this interview with Little Boots taken from the Smirnoff U.R. The Night gig in Matter at London’s O2.

  2. Which music blogs do you listen to? « fysigunkus | jay hathaway dot com says:

    [...] 199X is written in a stream-of-consciousness style by someone called Ultimate Cowboy. His areas of interest, or the biggest words in the 199X tag cloud, anyway, are hip hop, electro and Japan. That makes for a surprising collection of tracks, delivered in posts that tend to dip into unrelated territory. Ultimate Cowboy spends a lot of time discussing the awesomeness of golden robots, for example. As odd and unfocused as he can be, he finds some great stuff. These (Pretty) Girls and Lasers end-of-summer mixes arrived right on time, and 199x also turned me on to the spacey sounds of The Golden Filter. [...]

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