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Ero Trash

One of the most hilarious blogs that I’ve been following lately is definitely Erotrash. I’m pretty sure it is entirely in Italian, but you don’t need to understand the language to know that all they do is post scans from vintage European science-fiction sex comics. Needless to say, it isn’t exactly safe for work.

The title of of the blog reminds me of one of my favorite Chicks On Speed songs, Eurotrash Girl. I also think that when I saw Chicks on Speed in Montreal about 6 or 7 years ago it was one of the first electronic music concerts that I’d ever been to. My friend Lachy and I were also some of the only guys there, so the whole thing seemed pretty awesome at the time.

Chicks on Speed - Eurotrash Girl

The Erotrash blog also has an album of songs available for download entitled Music For Strange Situations. I’m guessing that the strange situations they are referring to are the ones that the girls in the comics they post frequently find themselves in. Maybe just looking at the blog is considered a strange situation. Either way, it must be the music you should listen to.

Alessandro Alessandroni - Spiagge Azzurre

3 Responses to “Erotrash Girl”

  1. ajeje says:

    Actually it’s entirely in Spanish.

  2. Mr. J says:

    Thai is hilarious. Spanish euro-art. I like the art rendering, looks very original. That is definitely mexican to be specific. This type of art reminds me of the humoristic or sarcasm found in some of KINKY’s music videos or CALLE 13. Very funny. To view them go to musica gratis para, click the button on the bottom and type in kinky.

  3. tory says:

    hello, it’s a great post, how can i follow you on the Tweeter?

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