Future Pimp/Protector


I’m not really clear if RZA’s alter-ego Bobby Digital is supposed to be some sort of futuristic ghetto protector or if he’s just a cyborg pimp. Either way, he’s pretty awesome. I mean, just look at the album cover: huge circuit-board gun, Mad Max shoulder pads, sniper honey, Kung-Fu, van driving out of explosion. It really has everything.

I also think it is pretty awesome that members of the Wu-Tang make numerous references to the fact that if their group was Voltron, RZA would be the head. Equally awesome is that in almost every single account of the rise of the Wu-Tang clan that you’ll read, there is mention that RZA asked the other members to give him full control of the group for the length of one “dynastic cycle,” after which time he’d relinquish control and basically hand them an empire.

RZA - My Lovin’ Is Digi (from Bobby Digital)

RZA - Love is Digi Part II (from Digi Snacks)

Wu-Tang Clan - Shame On A Nigga (includes a line about Voltron)

Fun fact: Apparentally the RZA wasn’t the first Bobby Digital in the music business.

3 Responses to “Future Pimp/Protector”

  1. Neil Cake says:

    That first Bobby Digital album is frickin awesome.

  2. Ultimate Cowboy says:

    The name “Neil Cake” is frickin’ awesome.

  3. munn says:

    yo the gza’s the head, they formed like voltron and he just happened to be the head. the rza’s razor sharp. with the beats the rhymes whatever; he’s always on point

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