Life In Lotus Land IV: Tsukue to tabemono to Okegawa

In order: my desk at the school where I worked (note the bottle of Pocari Sweat), a typical school lunch (bagged udon, processed squid-rolls, milk) and a bizarre building in my neighbourhood in Okegawa (Saitama Prefecture, just outside of Tokyo).

Just take a second and look at that last picture: what the hell is that structure on top of the building with the stairs leading to it? It can’t be an elevator mechanical room -that building is only a few stories tall, and I don’t think it had an elevator. Did someone live up there? If so, awesome apartment.

Anyways, here are some more sugary-sweet J-tunes from Pizzicato Five. I don’t actually think they are all that popular in Japan, but have a listen anyways.

Pizzicato Five - Nonstop To Tokyo

Pizzicato Five - It’s A Beautiful Day

And as a bonus:

SUITE CHIC - Good Life feat. FirstKlas

You gotta respect the amount of neon green on Pizzicato Five’s Myspace page

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