Big Knockouts and Brutal Violence

I added that picture of BJ Penn turning Joe Stevenson into a murder scene because The Persian Prince sent me a couple of tracks and wrote me an email about MMA last week:

“Remember when we used to spend an inordinate amount of time watching big knockouts? Perhaps the most satisfying of which was watching over-rated Kimbo Slice getting his ass handed to him in 14 seconds from a washed up ex-UFC fighter. Not sure whether he loves big knockouts as much as us, but Praverb references the aforementioned KO in this new track, “Blessed with the Gift”, produced by Teddy Roxpin.

I don’t much care for Kanye the rapper (let alone Kanye the robo-voice singer)….but Kanye the producer?  Pretty much never misses.  Case in point: the new Jay-Z track with the fantastic Santogold sample.”

Praverb - Blessed with the Gift

Jay-Z - Brooklyn Go Hard

I love Penn because he’s from HI, and I’m stoked to see him and GSP go at it in January.

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  1. Maria says:

    SNAP!! This looks messy. It makes me excited for the Mir/Nogueira match the 27th though!! Can’t wait.

  2. ufc 104 says:

    Actually due to the fact their feud in UFC 107 in December, there have been numerous occasions, where by it was believed that Evans and Jackson may possibly collide against 1 yet another. Nevertheless, Jackson announced a retirement, which did not final for long, but placed the complement on keep. Now, with the star announcing a return, quite much not long ago, the feud has been reignited. Each of them will get an possibility to settle their variations as soon as and for all when they go head-to-head against one particular an additional in UFC 114 on May 29.

  3. ufc 104 says:

    May 29, 2010, is planning to host one of the most complicated and brutal celebration of the 30 days when some of the very best amateur wrestlers in UFC will take on every single other in UFC 114. It is intending to take site at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada. If you fail to accomplish Nevada in time, you do not have to be disappointed, as you can simply observe UFC 114 on-line.

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