The Manni Boys Celebrate Halloween

Alright, so I know that All Hallow’s Eve was a few weeks ago but I’ve finally gotten around to sorting out my pictures from then.

First up is this picture of Claudio Manni and his brother Toni Pepperoni. They went as each other, and won first place in the costume contest at the party we went to. I’m pretty sure that I drank the two bottles of wine that were their prize but that’s okay. Claudio (on the right) was the only one of the two who put any effort into his costume.

As Tiga says:

“Times they tend to change
Brothers into friends
Times they get so strange
Friends like brothers”

Tiga - Brothers

(keep on listening, because after about the seven minute mark there is an entire other song. Back in the day, we used to call it a “secret song.” Now I just call it me being too lazy to remove it.)

Tiga is on MySpace here and you can buy his tracks on iTunes here.

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