Tactical Hip-Hop Action

Power GRaphixx MGS4 shirtIf you know me, you know that I fucking love the Metal Gear Solid series of games and that I think Hideo Kojima is a genius.

You also might know that I love wicked t-shirts, and this one created by the ultimate team-up of Uniqlo and the Tokyo’s Power-Graphixx Inc. design group is amazing.

Uniqlo has a few more MGS4 shirts here, but they seem to be pretty special edition and basically unavailable.

If anyone knows where I can hook up with one, I would be forever indebted to you.

And since we’re talking about Metal Gear Solid, I feel like I might as well post a track about Snake. Man, I definitely never thought I’d hear someone rap about the fact that you have to plug the controller into the other port to beat Psycho Mantis in MGS2.

Ill Gill - Nowhere to Hide (courtesy of Rhyme Torrents)

If you’ve got time, also check out Ill Gill’s page. There’s some dope nerdcore going on there.

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