Jook City

According to Wikipedia, Jook music is a “dance-driven genre” that is a mixture of “Bass, House and Hip-Hop.” It comes from Tampa Bay, a town alternately known as Jook City or Trigga City.

Count me in.

Tampa Tony - Can’t Juke Without Me (Tactic Re-edit)

R. Kelly - Hook It Up (UMYO Juke Remix)

One of the best parts about Tampa Tony’s Myspace profile is the number of people stopping by to show him some “luv” and express their support for him while he is in jail.

Tracks courtesy of Palms Out Sounds.

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  1. marshmellymel says:

    juke originated in chicago….

  2. Nineteen Ninety Never » Blog Archive » Juke Is Now says:

    [...] these juke tracks, and don’t ever confuse them with jook music: the latter is from Trigga City, the from from the Chi (am I allowed to refer to those cities like [...]

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