These Kids are the Coolest.

(image courtesy of The Lavish View)

Last week, my friend told me that I should check out The Cool Kids.

“I’ve been bumping that shit in the car, windows down, all around the Central Business District,” he said. He lives in Vancouver, and he’s right. This is the kind of stuff you can bump in the car with the windows down.

Where Pharell and Lupe rhyme about skateboarding, these guys talk about riding bikes and stunna shades. I also love the lyrics to their track Bassment Party:

Every party I hop the bar and dance with the chicks on top of that

Bartender be like “get off a that!”

I’m like “not ’til I get rich off of rap!

The Cool Kids - Bassment Party

Starski & The Cool Kids - Stunnas On (Pfunkt’s Wear My Stunnas at Night Remix) (from Palmsout Sounds)


Hot Biscuits has a few more tracks from them, or check these kids out on their MySpace page or buy their Bake Sale EP on iTunes.

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